Play Pretend
november 2023
director: laura walker
writer: katie fraser
producer: framework theatre
designer: isadora gough
stage manager: tami pein
photos by: framework theatre

may 2023
director: james nash
writer: pip williams
dramaturg: louise orwin
sound designer: patch middleton
movement director: ken nakajima
stage manager: moya mathews
photos by: @RbgClemence
The Witness
spring 2023
created by: jo blake
with: robert clark
produced by: carbon theatre
sound designer: patch middleton
designer: ruth stringer
movement director: ben duke
stage manager: emma drostby
photos by: Ali Wright

Pain Threshold
feb 2023
created by: nay dhanak
photos by: jess beadle-platt

cambridge junction 2022 / spill festival 2021
created by: RODENT & alicia jane turner
photos by: guido mencari

may 2023
director: micha mirto
writer: noga flaishon
sound designer: rodent
movement director: coral tarran
photos by: lidia crisafulli
twitter @lighting_adi
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